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Month's music

Joe Satriani - Discography (39 Releases) (1986-2018)Joe Satriani - Discography (39 Releases) (1986-2018) Progressive Rock  Hard Rock  Instrumental
Helloween - Discography (1985 - 2017)Helloween - Discography (1985 - 2017) Power Metal  Heavy Metal
Lione/Conti - Lione/Conti (2018)Lione/Conti - Lione/Conti (2018) Power Metal  Heavy Metal
The Sweet - Discography (lossless, 1971-2017)The Sweet - Discography (lossless, 1971-2017) Hard Rock  Other Rock  Classic Rock

New music

Black Moor - Discography (2009-2016)Black Moor - Discography (2009-2016) Heavy Metal  Speed Metal
Witchcryer - Discography (2016-2017)Witchcryer - Discography (2016-2017) Heavy Metal  Doom Metal
VA - Sun:Sets 2018 (Selected by Chicane) (2018)VA - Sun:Sets 2018 (Selected by Chicane) (2018) Trance  Progressive House  Deep House  Downtempo  Chillout


МУЗЫКА МОЕЙ ДУШИ!!!!!!!  torrent VA - Female Vocal Collection (Lossless, Hi Res 2017)
СПАСИБО!!!   torrent Satan - Discography (1981-2015)
и спасибо !!!  torrent Justify Rebellion - Unleashing the Beast (2018)
i can smell you smell so sweet  torrent VA - NRJ 12 Best Of 2017 (2 CD) (2017)
Спасибо!!! Здесь всё.   torrent Age Sten Nilsen (Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition) - Collection (2006-2017)
Спасибо!!!   torrent Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition - Shanghaied (Japanese Edition) (2014)  силисче   torrent Mystic Prophecy - Monuments Uncovered (2018)
My oh My  torrent OST - Путеводная звезда / The Star (by John Paesano) (Lossless, Hi Res 2018)
Спасибо doc!  torrent Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead (Best Buy Edition) (2015)
Метал и рэп зто золотая жила!  torrent Hollywood Undead - Five (Lossless, 2017)
Есть свое лицо,значит группа!Спасибо!  torrent Ode In Black - Seeds Of Chaos (2018)
 Citation: MacCam Большое спасибо Eva! ;-)   MacCam...  torrent Physical Plant - Collection (2011-2018)
Стас, Большое пожауйста !!!   torrent Physical Plant - Collection (2011-2018)

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