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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Wrong Creatures (Lossless, Hi Res 2018)

Indie Rock  Psychedelic Rock
Date: 13 january 2018
Added: StasOn11
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  • ARTIST: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • ALBUM / TITLE: Wrong Creatures
  • COUNTRY: United States
  • STYLE: Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock
  • LABEL: Abstract Dragon
  • DURATION: 00:59:03
  • FILE FORMAT: FLAC, (tracks) 24 bits, 44,1 KHz
  • QUALITY: Lossless
  • Site:

  • RATING: 10 / 3    
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Torrent description

01. DFF
02. Spook
03. King of Bones
04. Haunt
05. Echo
06. Ninth Configuration
07. Question of Faith
08. Calling Them All Away
09. Little Thing Gone Wild
10. Circus Bazooko
11. Carried From the Start
12. All Rise


Источник (релизер): pirs18

foobar2000 1.3.7 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2018-01-11 15:13:15

Analyzed: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / Wrong Creatures

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR8 -0.50 dB -10.89 dB 1:54 01-DFF
DR5 -0.50 dB -7.62 dB 3:45 02-Spook
DR6 -0.50 dB -8.63 dB 3:57 03-King of Bones
DR7 -0.50 dB -10.50 dB 5:51 04-Haunt
DR6 -0.50 dB -8.74 dB 5:14 05-Echo
DR7 -0.50 dB -9.75 dB 6:53 06-Ninth Configuration
DR6 -0.50 dB -8.71 dB 5:20 07-Question of Faith
DR5 -0.50 dB -9.35 dB 6:46 08-Calling Them All Away
DR6 -0.50 dB -8.04 dB 3:19 09-Little Thing Gone Wild
DR6 -0.50 dB -8.56 dB 5:42 10-Circus Bazooko
DR7 -0.60 dB -9.55 dB 4:50 11-Carried From the Start
DR6 -0.50 dB -9.92 dB 5:40 12-All Rise

Number of tracks: 12
Official DR value: DR6

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 1542 kbps
Codec: FLAC

For a select few, rock'n'roll is a life sentence. It's in every muscle in your body, it's in every thought you have, it's written all over your face. When you arrive at Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's headquarters in East Hollywood, you know you're sidling up to the home of some of rock's most primal prisoners. In the driveway there are motorcycles. In the living room there is gear splayed everywhere; random bits of drum kits, a pedal steel guitar, stacks of vinyl. Answering the door is a bleary-eyed, chain-smoking Peter Hayes (guitar, vocals) and his co-habiting bandmate Leah Shapiro (drums). In walks bassist Robert Levon Been too, Hayes' BRMC co-founder, dark shades on, an even darker all-black ensemble. As a trio, they seem forever unsettled, even in the safety of each other's companies. They take time over answers, seeking for perfect responses. It's the same approach they have to rock'n'roll. If the end result is not flawless, they're not interested. In this house is where they're currently putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming eighth album, the follow-up to 2013's 'Specter At The Feast'. Titled 'Wrong Creatures', it began in the summer of 2015. Shapiro was six months clear of a brain surgery. The trio had come off a tour and began sketching out new songs in their private lockout space appropriately nicknamed 'The Bunker' in North Hollywood. "Just mumble tracks, inside big walls of noise" explains Hayes, lyrics would often morph out the sounds later. For Hayes, in particular, this record proved to be one of the more tumultuous given the length of time it's taken from start to finish. "This one's been so long I have come around the other side," he admits. "I've gone from hating it to enjoying it." A hesitant sense of pride is shared among them. On a good day, BRMC remains a democracy. Their lifestyle is anti-establishment, and it's reflected in their approach to being a band, too. There is no chief lyricist, for instance. That makes for a delicate balancing of egos. "We've always been anti frontman," reasons Hayes.

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocals – Robert Levon Been
Cello – Derek Stein
Drums, Backing Vocals, Percussion – Leah Shapiro
Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals – Peter Hayes
Strings – Gillian Rivers (tracks: 5,12)
Viola – Gillian Rivers

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16 january 2018

Citation:  talatk

13 january 2018


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